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Dissertation and Capstone Project

Dissertation and Capstone Project

Dissertation and Capstone Project

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a long, formal document written by a student in order to earn an advanced degree such as a Master’s or Doctorate. It presents the findings of original research and is often the culmination of many years of study.

The structure of a Dissertation Paper


The structure of a dissertation paper comprises the introduction and acknowledgment. The thesis statement is mentioned in the introduction whereas, acknowledgment is written to thank people for their valuable contribution during the course of study.


Acknowledgment is an important part of dissertation writing as it acknowledges all those people who have supported towards the accomplishment of your goals such as family members, teachers, supervisors, friends, etc. It also highlights that recognition belongs to you only because they have contributed with their valuable time and ideas which has made this project more meaningful for you.

Table of Contents

Once you are done with the dissertation structure, a table of contents should follow next. The table of content summarizes each section briefly so it’s easy to locate and understand.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the heart of your dissertation paper. It states the main argument of your paper in a clear and concise manner. You need to nail it in order to make your readers interested in reading further.

Literature Review

The literature review should be placed after the thesis statement and should comprise all the critical reviews that you have come across while working on your research project. It should be well organized and easy to follow so that your readers can get a good understanding of what you are discussing.


The methodology section should include all the details about the methods that you have used for data collection and analysis. It should be precise as well as clear. The readers should be able to replicate your work after going through this section.


The conclusion should summarize all the findings that you have discussed in the previous sections. It should include a general overview of what you have studied along with its implications and limitations. It helps people understand why it is important to conduct further research on this topic which will help scientists find solutions for various problems related to it.

Bibliography and Reference List

The bibliography list includes all the sources that you have referred to while writing your dissertation paper whereas, the reference list contains details such as author name, year published and title of journal or books, etc. You need to write these two sections at the end of your dissertation paper.

Dissertation Writing Tips for Graduate Students

Familiarity with The Subject

You need to start working on dissertation writing with the proper understanding of your topic. Conducting research is the major task that you have to deal with so you should be fully aware of it. Try taking help from other researchers who had worked on similar topics in the past so that they can guide you properly.

Working On Research Methodology and Design

If you are working on dissertation writing, then don’t forget to include research methodology and design in your paper because these two sections play a significant role when it comes to finding solutions for any problem. Research designs vary depending upon the nature of the study while the methodology is linked with tools and techniques that are used to collect data.

Prepare an Outline Before Writing Your Dissertation

It is advisable to prepare an outline before you start with dissertation writing because it helps students in organizing their work in a logical manner so they can present key ideas clearly and neatly. This will also help them disclose the assumptions on which they are working further.

Discuss Limitations and Delimitations of the Study

Limitations and delimitations of the study should be covered while writing your dissertation paper as these sections highlight some limitations that may arise while conducting research later on due to some reasons such as financial constraints, non-availability of resources, etc.

Follow an Appropriate Style for Dissertation Writing

The style of dissertation writing formatting may vary depending upon the prescribed guidelines of the institution. Make sure you are following the right format so that your paper looks professional and easy to follow.

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  • Dissertation writing is a very time-consuming and exhausting task.
  • Dissertations require extensive research that can take months to complete, as well as the ability to integrate those disparate pieces of data into a cohesive argument.
  • Dissertation writing requires an understanding of concepts in your field, and thus you should not be expected to write about something you know nothing about.
  • You lack sufficient knowledge and experience in dissertation writing or literature review.
  • The quality of the dissertation you write may affect your overall grade for one semester, let alone also affect any future opportunities associated with getting published.
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